Mr. Counts' Pineapple Cobbler
Serves 12
Ingredient Quantity Cal/Serving
3 sticks
Light Brown Sugar
2 lbs
Chunk Pineapple (20oz can)
Yellow Cake Mix
1 pkg

WIth your dutch oven over hot coals, melt the butter and just as it is fairly well melted add the brown sugar. Completely drain your pineapple and reserve the pineapple juice from the cans. Allow the butter sugar mixture to continue to heat until it becomes very frothy and the bubbles rise about 3/4 the way up the side of the dutch oven. Add the pineapple to the butter-sugar mixture. Mix the pineapple juice, vanilla, and eggs into the cake mix. Do not add the oil or water called for on the box. When the pineapple-butter-sugar mixture has reheated and is again beginning to froth, slowly add the cake mix batter to the dutch oven. Remove all but a few coals from under the oven and place about 10 coals on the top. Bake for about 20 minutes and check. Usually requires about 30 minutes to have cake mix done. Top should be brown. Remove from the fire and allow to set for about 5-10 minutes. Caution---the butter/sugar mix will burn unsuspecting taste testers. can increase the folks you feed with another stick of butter added, another can of pineapple, and one more box of cake mix. When you mix the cake mix, use three more eggs and the one can of additional pineapple juice. Don't worry that each cake has a little less juice, there is plenty. This will fill a 14" dutch oven completely and you will need to be careful with the number of coals on the top to keep from burning.

This recipe is not for the faint of heart or for those on heart medications. It will easily serve the 12 shown, can stretch to 16, or, as I have seen happen, can be devoured by 8 hungry Scouts. The pot lickings at the bottom are especially prized and go well over ice cream. For that matter, a scoop of ice cream on the top of a bowl of this will just about hit the spot in any person out there.